Weed monster
The Weed Monsters is the Pro-antagonist and one of the Original character of Japan,Toei animation.


The Weed monster was a normal plant that day, wanted to treat nice like the other plant like red rose. They also wanted been name not just weed. And after for being insult a explosion was happen that day which cause a weeds being born. And that days come, when the two model Stella and Christie taking a shooting in the park. They were spot a cow and weeds,  which they were disgusting for. Stella make a note, wishing them they were disappear, when they were come back. The weed monster were insult for that and next time they said it again they will going to attack her and her friend, Christie. A few moment later, the two came back and their wished is not command which the weed monster appear before them and started to attack. The girls appear in good time and started a battle with them. After so long battle with the girls. The leader wanted to tell them a story why they did this. And the story pack up with them. And later, Stella and Christie started to follow them because most commonly that beautiful is the only one being attack as believe by Stella. The weed monster don't like it must and started to run fast, as they were. The girls save them from Stella and Christie. And after for all of this, the weed monster wished to go back to normal, which the girls grand it by sending them in the lab.  And then after being go back to normal. The girls planted them again with a named given.



The weeds are sensitive being which they were hate being called weeds, they preform call by there named.[1]They also has soft spot which they offer for someone to listen for them.[2]


As you know they don't have real name but been name by Momoko Akatsutsumi Miyako Gotokuji  and  Kaoru Matsubara.  This was include that they name them, Oobako, Itagori, Akamanma, Suiba, Nogeshi, Katabami, Shiroza, Butakusa, Oobutakusa. They were all voice by  Kenichi Ono along himself only.


There is no such things that can display their abilities, however, they were just create as monster.  There just can do a physical attack like punching and kicking.  They also have great stamina due to the black aura inside of their body that gave them life. So, the reason why they never get tired running.



  • Just like the model Christie  and Stella, They don't have name in Japanese and english.
  • All the members has only one voice actor.


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