Kanji 四日
Rōmaji Shinichi
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 8
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Occupation Soccer Player, Student
Friends Kaoru Matsubara, Buttercup
Relatives Shinichi Grandpa (Grandpa)
Enemies Mojo jojo
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 9
Seiyū Reiko Kiuchi (Japan), Jillian Michael (English)

Shinichi, is one of the supporting character in the series. He is a soccer player and friend of Kaoru Matsubara neither Buttercup. He also appear only in one episode which mean in episode 9. He is originated by Toei anmation.


Since when his grandpa still leaving, he cheer his own grandson playing the soccer sport. And then given him a brand new shoes just so he can use in playing.  When his grandpa pass away. He keep that habit to himself and wanted to his grandpa to be proud of him even is he in heaven.

Coach Buttercup

Shinichi first appear when he hit Mojo in the face and apologies on him. But Mojo reject his apologies and started to attack him, luckly the girls was there especially Buttercup whom he inspire for because of her dribble. Then, he as him if ever he teach him. Buttercup told him that he has a friend named, Kaoru, that actual teach him. And later, they practices until Shinichi perfect the dribble.

And the next day, the actual game is being held and Mojo appear before it to destract them and perfect timing, Buttercup, appear before it then easily been defeated by Mojo. But Shinichi give sometime for her to let herself free before she and her friends, Blossom and Bubbles appear and completely defeated him. The game is back to normal. And in the end, Shinichi team won in the end.



Shinichi is respectful citizen even through he first met Mojo, he apologize. His good listener to his couch Kaoru. He is intelligent person who wanted to learn more dribbling. 


Shinichi is fair light skin and both brown eyes and hair. He totally wear a t-shirt  with blue half of it. And dark blue jagging pants, white sock, and the sport shoes that his grandpa give.


Shinichi Grandpa

In the serious it didn't say what or what been his relationship to his grandpa is totally unknown. 

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Kaoru Matsubara neither Buttercup

He and Kaoru has a great friendship together despite that they have the same like in sport. He inspire him because he wanted to learn more from Kaoru.  He been refer to Kaoru as Onee-chan. They share a same story went they were young.


  • Just like Hiro his named in english dub was been suddenly change to Justin.