Sedusa (Episode)
Season 1, Episode 8
PPGZ Sedusa 02
Japanese Title Seductive Sedusa!
Air date August 19,2006
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Part 1:

Before everyone turns into super heroes nor villains. It's all start when Sakurako still herself working in her own shop to serve the customer.  When suddenly she caught an eye to eye to the guy who seat in the table and being able to blush in one other. Sakurako through that Souichirou has a feeling to Miss Bellum. She hide her own feeling toward him. Miss Bellum who are in hurry forgot to pack her bag, so it's up to Souichirou to return the bag.  Sakurako was jealous to Miss Bellum beauty, because of that the black aura approach her in the back and hit her. She was not offended went the dark light hit.

Several months later, Souichirou approach in the shop to have a drink.  Momoko and Miyako who are the one notice that Sakurako has a crush on Souichirou. Being able to tell her that if Souichirou was handsome man, Sakurako didn't answer instead she continous working. The girls made a plan for Sakurako love affer in secret. That night, Sakurako approaching in the street when she encounter the lipstick that Miss Bellum use for.  She wanted to try it for herself but instead the sales lady is the one wno put  her the lipstick and then she feel her hard beaten fast and transform into Sedusa.  And finally, Sedusa, succesful stole any kind of shoes, accessories, and fountadition that night with her disguise in other person.

Part 2:

In that morning, the girls saw Souichirou face look so sad with Sedusa.  Without seeing Sakurako everything was empty in the shop. Sedusa do her best to impress Souichirou, still complicated too, so her next target is the Pink Jaguar.  The mayor has a message from the girls about the stolen yesterday. Miyako had a idea on how they catch the thief that night to be happen.  Sedusa had a plan on how she surpass the girls who are already observing the place for the thrief.  She even disguise Bubbles and Buttercup but been caught by the real them.  Sedusa now has been reveal her identity exposed and started to fight the girls and Peach.  She was been hit by Buttercup hammer.  The girls brought Sedusa in the lab to return her to normal. When they final see the true form, they shock for seeing that Sakurako was absolutely Sedusa.

The next day, when Souichirou see Sakurako again. He immediadely hold her hand for being worry and reveal his true feeling for her.  The couple has a nice ending in this episode.

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Sakurako Kintoki

Ken Kitazawa

Professor Utonium




Miss Bellum


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