I'm no longer the person who couldn't tease you because I like you... Now I will tease you since I like you!
— Sakamoto to Momoko Akatsutsumi
Sakamoto Profile
Kanji 坂本
Rōmaji Sakamoto
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 13
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Occupation Students
Friends Momoko Akatsutsumi (Formerly Crush), Hanayo, Himeko Shirogane, Miyako Gotokuji, Kaoru Matsubara
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 32
Seiyū Reiko Takagi (Japanese)

Reece Thompson (English)

Sakamoto is an character exclusive in Powerpuffgirls z. He is one of the student in junior high and Miss Keane students. His also originated from Japan,Toei Animation.

Section Heading

Two Burger-Bots and a Side of Fries

In his first appearance is that he was confront by Momoko whom so very mad for not traiten like other girls by simply disgust them. Then, the truth has been reveal in his mouth that make Momoko prawn. Then later, after the class, Momoko invite him if ever they will go home together but been remind by Miyako and Kaoru that they have cleaning duty today and additional for that the hero duty too. He notes that he use to wait for her because he was not the yesterday. Then, after being so gone so long. He make a double move if he ever make a prank to a girl he likes.

The times is come that Sakamoto will definitely will make a move on her by disgusting her some catepillar, snake, and frog.


His attitude is hyper active who wants to gross out alot of girls in junior high except Momoko whom he interest for the meantime.[1] For sometimes too their was a time he is serious when needed.[2]


He is a young boy who has spiky brown hair and orange eyes. His outfit is take form from long sleeve and polo underneath of it and jean pant. And his shoes is pe shoes.


Momoko Akatsutsumi

At first, he seem like her very much in unknown reason and in the end he use to disgust her just like other girls he did.



  • " Because I clearly know how you feel. I'm no longer the same person I was yesterday. I will always wait. "[3]


  • In English dub, Sakamoto named is change into Randy Finkleman.


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