Revenge of Digitron
Season 1, Episode 17 part 2
PPGZ Episode17part2
Air date October 21, 2006
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It's was happy moment went the school is over, Momoko decided to go to the Autumn beach with her friends,Miyako and Kaoru.  At the Principal office where  Principal tasting his favorite snack, strawberry shortcake, and telling to his big brother, Mayor, that his snack is delicious but the Mayor disagree with it.  It's because his Snack mass more delicious than his younger brother, Principal.  After that they start argument in the phones where the Electric Waves Monster was born.  

The electric waves monster start collecting all the cellphones in Tokyo city, where he can build a gigatic cellphone.  On the lab, where Professor, Ken Kitazawa and Peach is calling the girlz but the Belt combat  is not responding it's because they where in the subway.  The girlz was notice when they out in the subway that there belt is ringing, They transform immediately and hidded to the monster.  They saw a huge cellphone and Hyper Blossom attack it with her yo-yo.  They notice it was make in small cellphone of Tokyo city.  

The girlz defeat electric waves monster by following him but that was not effect to defeat the waves monster because of his speed. Buttercup remain that the only way to defeat the waves monster is to go to the subway that their was no connector.  She whisper to Hyper Blossom and Rolling Bubbles about the plan.

They challenge the electric waves monster for the speed until they hidded to the subway.  The girlz start to action to defeat the electric waves monster.  At the end, The electric waves monster told the reason why he became a monster it's because of the two siblings fighting all over their snacks.   The electric waves monster is free to comeback to the electric waves for peace.


Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Ken Kitazawa

Professor Utonium


Miss Bellum


Electric Waves Monster


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