Okou Gallery
Okou 2
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Occupation Hero
Friends Momo, Omiya, Buttercup
Relatives Kennai Hiragai (Creator)
Enemies Kare
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 51
Seiyū Machiko Kawana (Japanese), Kelly Metzger (English)

Okou is a member of the Oedo Chakichaki girls, and Buttercup Edo counterpart.




Okou more like Oak Tree first appears in the series when she was turn by Kennai's into super girls that could defeat Him, from the long time ago before the series of the Powerpuffgirls z start.

What's up with Him?

In the era of Edo were Him rule the small town that lead the people into frustration because of Him rampaging the town. Luckily, the Ooedo's chaki chaki girls was born because of Kennai's experiments succeeded of white aura that he will surely turn the little girls into super girls that lead them to rival Him though battle. When the girls approach to Him. Him ask them who they are?, which the girls respond on that. After introducing, the girls and Him fight for short period of time because of winder appear that leads Him goes weakness. The girls take advantage of Him weakness in order for him to capture and bring him to their creator, Kennai, in order for Him to be seal forever.


Like Kaoru, she is a tomboy and is the most easily enraged of the three.  She speaks hard with a masculine edge , rarely using honorifics when speaking. 


Okou shares a similar appearance to Buttercup, though Okou's hair is slightly neater. 

Power,Weapon and Abilities

PPGZ Okou attack

Okou Weapons, Hammer

Like Kaoru, Okou fights with a hammer. Her attacks include Ascension technique: Daruma falls down!. She also capable to fly as show in What's up with Him? flashback.[1][2]


Kennai Hiragai


  • She is the tough member of the Group,
  • Okou and Buttercup share a color scheme.


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