Napolitan Gallery
— Napolitan is born
Napolitan Profile
Kanji ナポリタン
Rōmaji Napolitan
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Eye Color Pink,Green and Yellow
Hair Color Orange
Personal Status
Friends Momoko Akadutsumi
First Appearance
Anime Debut 33 A, Momoko Runs Away and Napolitan
Seiyū Satoshi Shimada

Napolitan is a monster created from a plate of Napolitan spaghetti. He is a monster unique to Powerpuff Girls Z, and is friends with Momoko. He appears in episode 33 A, Momoko Runs Away and Napolitan / There is no I in Powerpuff." 


Napolitan wears a long sleeved white button up, along with a purple vest and red bow tie. His pants are black, and he wears purple shoes. His body appears to be made of Napolitan, or even just ketchup, and his hair is Napolitan spaghetti. His face is a plate, and his hair is adorned with a fork.


Napolitan was made after a young woman threw a fit over being served a plate of napolitan, her having wanted to eat Italian food. A mysterious black aura envelopes the plate of Napolitan, having sensed a sort of evil, giving the Napolitan spaghetti sentience, thus creating Napolitan. After realizing he is not the height of Italian cuisine, as he originally thought, and being unable to talk to his friend meat sauce, who he discovers is actually Italian, Napolitan decides to destroy all the Italian food in Tokyo City. Shortly after, however, he decides to simply leave the city, wishing to live as a new person.

Power and abilities

Napolitan uses his hair to attack, as he is able to grow it and use it like an extra limb.