Momoko Akatsutsumi Gallery Quotes

Japanese Quote

—  Blossom asking Mojo to return her snack

Hyper Blossom!
— Transformation

I, Akatsutsumi Momoko, am a Powerpuff girls z, From Momoko I transform into Blossom! I protect peace on Earth!
— Introducing herself

We're Powerpuffgirls z, we should show love in battle!
— Blossom being brave even through she is hungry
We are fighting love science legend, Powerpuu girls z!
— After seeing Mojo stealing the cakes

English Quote

— Transformation
My first kiss was with a frog!
— Episode 45, part 1
When lonely, snacks are best
— Episode 48
Since ancient times, Red is always leader
It was stolen, now wasn't it? Hand... it... over!