Mojo and the Amoeba Boys
Season 1, Episode 13 part 1
PPGZ 13 1
Japanese Title Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo!
Air date September 23, 2006
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We see a low-spirited Mojo as he reminisces over his previous failed schemes — as you know they all have been foiled time and time again by the Powerpuff Girls Z trio. Meanwhile, the Amoeba Boys make their entarance from the city sewers. However, considering how small they are, they just end up being stepped on all over by walking pedestrians. And Peach detect there aura and started to call a girls. But the girls are in the middle of gym class at their school’s track and field. No time to lose. Transformation time.

As soon as the three locate this so-called imminent danger to the city, they find there’s nothing to worry about. Turns out the call was just for those pathetic Amoeba Boys again. However Mojo sees this as an opportunity for yet another scheme that might actually work. He convinces the three that with his guidance, they’ll become real super villains — guaranteed to strike fear to the hearts of those who get in their way. So with Mojo-sensei by their side, they’re given cans of spray paint and begin to vandalize the city.

After enjoying a cool smoothie, Ken gives a call to Blossom, asking why they haven’t taken care of those three yet. They’re completely ruining the streets with their graffiti. The girls rush into action, chase the annoying three, and end up being locked up in a cage. Seems it was all just a simple plan to lure the girls into Mojo’s trap. The cage is also rigged to send shockwaves to anyone who attempts to break it open. Kaoru learns this the hard way of course. Mojo then send the girls flying into space, where they manage to free themselves and begin to travel back to Earth to save their town.

Blossom, being the clever girl that she is, spray paints Mojo’s robotic octopus-thingy black and then has Bubbleso create a huge bubble where the sun’s rays would reflect directly to it. Mojo’s robot explodes, the Amoeba Boys get away, and the city is still covered in graffiti — but instead of clean-up work, the girls would much rather grab another smoothie to celebrate their win.


Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Mojo jojo

The Amoeba Boys


Ken Kitazawa

Background Characters


PE Teacher and Clinic Assistance


  • The series has taken place by the original which is the same situation where Mojo and Princess find the Amoeba Boys.  And then all of them cooperate to destory the Powerpuffgirls.


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