Takaaki Ayagai

Since they were little, Miyako has had deep feeling for Takaaki . Despite this, Miyako willing to see him again. They both didn't forget the promise they made for them. And she always believe someday they will be.

The day when Takaaki turn into a monster, he lost his mind but still able has little consciousness in beast form. When Miyako (Bubbles) embraced the beast Takaaki stop hurting her and finally run away. Bubbles has full of tears joy because this is the time she met him again. The promise that make them see soon.

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Momoko and Miyako have a great friendship. Even though Momoko can be annoying to Miyako at times, Miyako remains calm. At one point Momoko forced Miyako to talk about her “special someone” that Miyako didn’t want to tell anyone. Momoko, due to her tendency not to keep secrets, told everyone Miyako’s unrequited love secret. So, Miyako had no choice but to tell everyone.

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Kaoru and Miyako has great friendship together.  Even one of them in trouble she willing to rescue her.

Mojo jojo

In the episode Bouncing Bubbles, Bubbles does not realize Mojo was a bad guy. She innocently plays around with him. When Bubbles finds out Mojo’s true intentions from Blossom, She chooses to fight him for justice.

Professor Utonium

Miyako respects Professor very much. She typically looks up to him for advice.

Ken Kitazawa

Miyako acts as big sister for Ken.

Jessie Kido

As she was seen Jessie as a friend who she support him in his during, taken a picture of a girls.  She also offer herself in her alter-ego form to take a shot to Jessie which later denied on him due to he wanted a photo of a girls fighting.