• Office
  • Park
  • Cinema
  • Cementery
  • School
Townsville City is where the Powerpuff Girls live, as well as where all the other characters live!. 
  • Episode : All series

  • Inside the train
  • Inside the train 02
  • Outside the subway
  • Going to subway
  • Inside subway
Subway is a subway were trains is been.

  • Front stages
  • Backstage
  • Cameraman
  • Frontstage
Fashion Show is a show where all the pretty new dress is publicing by the owner.  Shiri No Janko-san is one of the famous design of Japan fanshin dress.

  • Front stages
  • Inside the parlor
  • Michel do his job
Hair salon charisma is the place were all people get a cut of their own hair. Michel is one of the employees of this shop.

  • Classroom map of student
  • Principal Office
  • Hall
  • Librabry
School is were all the students go to learn.
  • Episode : All series

  • Pink Jaguar
  • Hirakamo
  • Pink Jaguar, is a store for a famous dress/clothes.
  • Hirakamo, is a store for a shoes. 

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Police is the place where all the protector of the town save them.  They catch crime and bad guys.

Bank is the place where all the people of citizen place their money. This is were the Amoeba boys try to do, but they fail.

is a playground and relaxing of citizen.
  • Episode : All Series

  • Lab Barrier
International Laboratory 
is a homeplace of Ken and Professor.
  • Episode : All Series

Hotdog shop
Hotdog Shop 
is a shop that sell hotdog.

PPGZ Akasutsumi House
Akatsutsumi House 
is were Momoko and Kuriko go home