Kiyoko Shirogane
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Kanji 清子白金
Rōmaji Kiyoko platinum
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Occupation Businesswoman
Relatives Himeko Shirogane, Miko Shirogane (Daughters), Himeko Dad (Husband)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 40
Seiyū Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)
Kiyoko Shirogane  is a supporting character in the series.  She supports her older daughter than Himeko Shirogane. She originated by Japan, Toei animation.


It's seem her role was very simply, just to supported her to daughters for what they were doing.


A woman that bear with brown hair with a large bun with huge pearl earrings side to side of her face, and her eyes are teal with white stars and her lips is light red. She wears a off shoulder top that is red with green in top and her lower part is completely a dark plaid skirt that cuts off above her knees. Her upper wear is red bare shoulder lace dress. And her lower part she wears a black office skirt with high heels.



Yoshio Shirogane
Kiyoko Shirogane
Himeko Shirogane
Miko Shirogane


  • Just like other mom's, she seem not applicable in episodes except her cheerful mother to her to lovely daughters.
  • Kiyoko share the same named of Kiyoko , Miyako grandmother.