Fuzzy in Love
Season 1, Episode 09 part 2
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Japanese Title Fuzzy In Love!
Air date August 26, 2006
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We see Fuzzy in the forest singing a song for the person he has attract too. And a moment later he open his eyes, he seen a figure of Miss Bellum in every trees, this drug him to destroy them. Then, when he can't take it anymore separated to his love one. He went to the place where she was with Professor and Mayor. While having a tea with Mayor. Professor and Mayor spot Fuzzy coming in their way, then kidnapped Miss Bellum. Professor was shock for what he did, then he decided to call the girls to save Miss Bellum to Fuzzy. The girls respond to the call. Few moment later after respond, the girls flied. While flying, Buttercup heard a song coming from the forest, this make them investigate the strange place. When they finally know it. They shock for what they see and easily cup up to the situation of Fuzzy reason do to so. Bubbles thought Fuzzy about romance which Fuzzy did it in the wrong way. And moment later, Miss Bellum woke up, she was surprised on Fuzzy romance song. Then, Miss Bellum and the girls stomach grumbling and she was sense someone watching them. Fuzzy walk toward the place were is the girls and told them to keep it down because they try to destruct their moment. Blossom note that Miss Bellum and them can't do with a empty stomach, which later Fuzzy gave them the best fruits while Miss Bellum his disgusting favorite food which she faded away. When the girls heard the news, they ask Fuzzy what's happen which Fuzzy repent them down by throwing them away to his property. Same goes to the lady who saw them in her property and bring them back again in Fuzzy property. And the girls defeat him in ease which he flew away in the sky. When Miss Bellum awake again, she promise to never coming back to the forest anymore respond opposite of Mr. Mayor and Professor said. Then, going back to Fuzzy in the ice land of property of the lady. He woke up and seen the false ice lady as Miss Bellum. The queen pursuing Fuzzy to get out to her property.

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup


Ken Kitazawa

Professor Utonium


Miss Bellum

Fuzzy Lumpkins

Background Characters

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