Fuzzy Lumpkins Gallery Quotes
De mon da!
— Fuzzy Lumpkin
Fuzzy Lumpkins
Fuzzy Lumpkins
Kanji ファジー・ラムキンス
Rōmaji Fajī Ramukinsu
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Pink
Personal Status
Occupation Ruler of Forest
Friends Mojo jojo, Him, Gangreen Gang, Miss Bellum (Love Interest), The Amoeba Boys
Enemies The Powerpuffgirls z, Mayor, Professor Utonium, Ken Kitazawa, Peach
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyū Scott McNeil (English), Shirō Saitō (Japan)

Fuzzy Lumkins is a antagonist of the Powerpuffgirls z, He originated from the show the Powerpuffgirls and adopted by Japan,Toei Animation. The original creaters of the characters and the show  is Craig McCracken.

Selection Hidden

In Powerpuffgirls z, it is unknown who or what he was before being hit by the black Chemical Z ray.  And later on the present day, Fuzzy playing the banju suddenly approach before him by Professor and the girls and told  if they are allow him to return to normal.  Fuzzy doesn't mine that.[1]  And later while the rest was enjoy in the forest neither the river. Fuzzy always mark everything because he believe that the whole place is belong to him.[2]  Even in the town Fuzzy marked every single things but he has little respect to elderly and the child who want his autograpgh.[3]  The girls hard to defeat him easily because of him super strong will to manifest the town, but he was disturb by Miss Bellum and her beauty so that is why he was defeat by the girls.[4]



The cute girl want Fuzzy Autograph

This rendition of Fuzzy is as rude and destructive as the original, but is nice enough to help an old man or sign an autograph for a fan who likes his banjo playing, that is before going on a rampage.[5] Like Bubbles and Mojo Jojo he ends most of his sentences with "de mon da". He has a crush on Ms. Sara Bellum.[6][7]

Fuzzy also has an obsession with 'his property'. He considers anything he touches to belong to him and will leave a pawprint on it as proof.[8][9] He is very strong and capable of standing up to the girls until they gained more experience in later episodes. At one point he was even able to catch Buttercup's hammer bare-handed.[10]


Fuzzy looks almost exactly the same as his original counterpart: a large pink creature in overalls(except his nose and antenna-balls switched colors). His overalls have a pocket in front, golden buckles, like the original, but his overalls have a different color trim; and dark purple trim that hangs over the ankles of his boots. Unlike the original incarnation of Fuzzy, his jaw doesn't stick out as much. Also, his eyes are red, the color of the original's nose, green, is his antennae color, and his nose is purple.

Power and Abilities

Just like Batterup and Big Boy strength, Fuzzy has a strong muscle and fist to marked and carry heavy thing he seen.[11]  So, this is the reason why the girls hard to defeat him because of his strong will to conquer the land. He can surely can block the girls attack.[12]  In full power Battercup,  Fuzzy cannot handle Batterup big hammer because of it's heaviest to block the attack.[13]


Fuzzy and Bellum

Miss Bellum

Fuzzy has totally in love with her because of her beauty. Despite of this Fuzzy act more nicer and he willing to do anything to bring her to him.


Fuzzy Lumpkins is a recurring antagonist in the series. He has a "hillbilly drawl," and  is very lazy and sleepy. He does nothing for most of his life, and lives in the woods quite a distance from Townsville. He has a crush on Professor Utonium when he disguise himself to Fuzzy.


  • In demashitaa, Fuzzy inlove with Miss Bellum unlike to the original one, Fuzzy, Didn't know that his love affair is Professor Utonium in disguise as a girl.
  • Just like the Gangreen Gang and The Amoeba Boys, Fuzzy Lumpkins had no change for himself, he still the same design as a original one (except his nose and antenna-balls switched colors).
  • Fuzzy, Mojo jojo ,and Miyako Gotokuji always end up in the words that they always say in the serious. 


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