Fumika Gallery
Fumika Himonya

Character Fumika


Kanji フミカ
Rōmaji Fumika
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Age 13
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Violet (Tends to be white when she is villain)
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Friends Princess, Hanayo
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 03
Seiyū Saki Yasuda (Japanese)
Chantal Strand (English)

Himonya, Fumika is an character exclusive in Powerpuffgirls z. She is the bestfriend of Princess and Hanayo. And also alongside Hanayo, She is one of the victim of Him black aura. She also originated from Japan,Toei Animation.

Section Heading


She has long violet straight hair and green eyes. She wear a light lilac and yellow outfit with with green edges, and her boots is white and light lilac socks.


Power and Weapon

Her weapon is a Fans whatever Hanayo spray a black z rays to the winner, Fumika will be the want who fans. But they never fight only cheer the winner up.


  • Her English named is Mandy.