Friends in High Places
Season 1, Episode 11 part 1
Japanese Title Princess Goes Outer Space!
Air date September 9, 2006
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As a plan goes, Himeko order her maids to bribe the students and facilitators just to praise her popular in the school. Meanwhile, a pretend monster appear nowhere in Tokyo city and calling a Powerpuff. Ken and Professor saw the man in the scene of their monitor and suddenly they made a signal to send a girls in the way. The girls notice the belt ring and then they suddenly race their hand to Miss Keane so that they would go to infirmary. Himeko always though this and think the three girls are going to steal her popularity by transforming to other dress.  She pretend too just like the girls to find out why they need to go. Whatever the girls goes by. Himeko always be there to see why they are in hurry.  And  she had enough time to following them, so she decided to transform into her alter ego, Princess and sent a meteorites to destroy the school. The girls transform first before defeating the meteor in ease and entrusting unconscious Princess to Professor and Ken, so they will go to the monster man who just wanted their autograph. Himeko woke up in improperly place and scolded the school if they were not praise her, instead they return the favor that she give.

Character Appears

Momoko Akatsutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Professor Utonium

Himeko Shirogane/Princess



Ken Kitazawa

Background Characters




Science Teacher

Math Teacher


Shirogane maids

Ppgz tv0011334

Infirmary and PE Teacher


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