Fashion Action
Season 1, Episode 15 Part 1
PPGZ 15 1
Air date October 7, 2006
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In the first half, a scouting manager, out of the blue, walks up to both Momoko and Miyako and asks if they would be interested in modeling for her agency in an upcoming fashion show taking place in their town. Momoko and Miyako accept. Kaoru however rejects the proposal.

Now with her young talents at hand, the show can go on as planned — although both girls notice how everyone else around them is twice their own age. Moving on, the girls are finally introduced to head designer Shirino Janko — who apparently doesn’t like the mix of henshin belts with her design outfits. The girls are then left with no choice but to remove them at least until the show is over.

Momoko and Miyako then step onto the catwalk, demonstrating Janko’s fashion designs and accessories, all while enjoying their time in the spotlight — especially Momoko. Later, Mojo came in the scene.

In the backstage, Everywant else is changing their dress, and Mojo take in place where suddenly Momoko accidentally bumps into a disguised Mojo and asks whether or not he’s okay, where he responds, “I’m fine mojo”. The girls are going on the stage again this time Mojo torn the show so that he could steal the dress in the backstage. Anyway, the girls say something that Mojo finally reveal himself. This time he got them. Moving on, Mojo finally had everything he want to be the best fashion while he modeling in the stage. The people surrendering him flee in fear. Lucky, Buttercup didn't come. The girls are finally show up in the stage and ready to beat Mojo. Because he has a hostage, the girls are hard time to beat him, Blossom  saw a banana pill and throw it on Mojo. When he doesn't have hostage, the girls finally defeat him.

Several days later, everything is change when the girls show up. It's inspired by Janko the design of the Powerpuff. So, she did is she make a newly design skin-tight outfits. So tight you can almost see everything.


Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru Matsubara/Buttercup

Professor Utonium

Ken Kitazawa


Mojo jojo

Shirino Janko


Manager Deb Yutont
Deb Yutont


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