All in the Family
Season 1, Episode 4
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Japanese Title Girlz and Family Bonding
Air date July, 22, 2006
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Part 1:

The girls are having a nice day in the lab when Ken interrupts them. Blossom notes to him that they make rules too so that all of them will be fair enough. But instead of that, he acts selfish to the girls by taking away the stuff they were using.  Suddenly, by the suppress of Professor, the girls run immediately to him to ask for help because of Ken interacting the things they do. After confronting Professor, he said to them that Ken act like that because of not been discipline by his mom (or should it said that he never saw his mom since its' disappear).  After hearing those words from Professor, The girls turn around to Ken with their sinister smile which Ken find creepy. Then, the girls had idea to become Ken surrogate mom for for a day in order for him to discipline.

And several days later, the girls started to become Ken surrogate mom. As always mom do they take any responsibility of it but fails due to inexperience what actual mom do. Ken told them if you can't do thinks right you shouldn't be my mom and run away from home to clear his mind to the trouble that the girls caused in his life.

Part 2:

While Mojo watching the family shows. He hate the family very much because of his not experience to have one. Because of this, Mojo when to the town to turn people into a monkey as a part of his family now same goes to Ken too who he just suddenly pass by. The girls looking for Ken and find out that he was turned into a monkey.  So, the girls angry to Mojo because he turn their "son" into monkey.  He has been beaten easily and flies to the sky like a shooting star.  The girls told him that he can't be their mom but as a big sister.

Character Appear

Momoko Akadutsumi/Blossom

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles

Kaoru MatsubaraButtercup

Ken Kitazawa


Professor Utonium

Mojo jojo

Background Characters




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